Behind The Mask

"Helping to build a generation of positively empowered minds"



Behind The Mask was created to work with young people to rebuild overall confidence and focus in life. We aim to facilitate a journey of self-discovery, with the hope of establishing focus, reigniting visions and creating successful individuals who are passionate about life.


Niota, Yr 11 Teacher

North West London Independent School

What I witnessed from my 2 students who engaged in the BTM 'Let's Build You Up' Program, was their excitement at attending the sessions. These are 2 individuals who are extremely hard to engage and the fact that they looked forward to these sessions and engaged positively with Lateefah, speaks volumes.  It brought out their creative side and they produced some outstanding pieces of art. What I loved the most about it, is that the program impacted my students in a positive way by supporting them to express themselves, helping them to become more articulate in expressing their wishes especially when they are upset and teaching them how to channel their anger in a more managed way.  Thank you Lateefah!

Lateefah has worked with Christian Hope Church, Choir of love, for the past 2 years. Her ability to understand each individuals vocal needs is amazing. We are a choir of 10 and have benefited from her vocal coaching tremendously. Lateefah has the heart and passion to develop and strengthen an individuals vocal ability and the patience, know-how and character to keep individuals engaged and inspired throughout each session. 


I would recommend Lateefah's services to individuals of all ages and vocal abilities. 

“The BTM program has helped me to

identify the cause of my stage

anxiety and taught me how to

manage it through positive &

purposeful thinking. Learning to

channel my emotions when on

stage has made me a more

confident performer.”

Jessica, Private Client

Ethelisa, Choir Leader

Choir Of Love, London