Behind The Mask

'Behind the Mask' is the brainchild of Lateefah Otchere, who after years of working with young people with Special Educational Needs and complex/challenging behaviours, decided to put her degree, life and musical experience to work. Lateefah has always had a passion for the Arts and a heart for young people who have experienced trauma quite early on in life. It was out of this that Behind The Mask was born, a company intent on providing the right forums and opportunities where young people feel free and confident enough to express themselves.

Behind The Mask was born to touch the lives of young people, who find themselves lacking drive, vision and focus in life. For some young people, they may have given up on life, for others they may feel perhaps, that life has given up on them. As mentors and coaches, we are here to help them find out what it is they want from life and work with them to achieve it. Our interventions are child-focused and designed to have an impact in the lives of the young people who engage with them.

Alongside offering general mentoring for young people, Behind The Mask offers an opportunity for participants to develop their talents, performance techniques and general wellbeing in an effort to build confidence, self-esteem, life aspiration and focus. At the center of all we do, is a heart for young people and an understanding that at times, they may feel pressured to bury their life experiences and emotions and constantly wear a mask to conceal who they really are.


The facilitators at ‘Behind The Mask’, on a daily basis, work with some of our society’s most challenging and complex young people, both in Alternative Provisions (APs) and mainstream settings. We understand that all behaviour is communication and by working closely with our young people, we aim to understand what it is they are trying to tell us, whilst developing their strengths and passions.