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BTM Mentoring (face-to-face sessions)

These sessions are designed to work with young people to cover a range of topics pertaining to them and the society they live in today. We explore various themes, for e.g. identifying and managing stress & anxiety, coping mechanisms, dealing with fear, addressing stereotypes, creating SMART goals, vision boarding, positive affirmations & learning to ground oneself.

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 1:1 E-Coaching/1:1 E-Mentoring (Online Sessions)

We provide this service for our clients who are either based outside of London, travelling or vacationing OR those who prefer this style of engagement. Our coaching sessions are mostly client-led and as solution focused practitioners, we aim to facilitate a journey of self-discovery and attainment of goals.

Our E-Mentoring services follow the same structure as the face-to-face sessions.

'Let's Build You Up' Package

A package designed to give an injection of self-confidence on a 1:1 basis. Sessions are focused on amplifying personal strengths whilst jointly investigating the roots of personal insecurity. A lot of work is done around challenging pre-existing mind sets and thought process.

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Confidence Building Workshops

These workshops have been designed to provide a boost of confidence for the young people who attend. We cover topics like 'Tackling Mind Chatter', 'Learning to manage stress & anxiety', 'Positive Affirmations & Refocus Scripts' and 'Vision Boarding'. We also create various collaborative art tasks as a group, which serves as a visual representation of the work done throughout the course of the workshop.

Vocal Coaching

These sessions are designed to help our clients improve on their vocal capabilities. Sessions are tailored to the individuals' ability and a plan created, to target specific areas for development. Prior singing experience is not essential - anyone can have vocal coaching sessions!

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Stage Coaching

Our Stage Coaching sessions are designed to help those individuals who want to improve their presence and confidence levels when on stage.  Stage Coaching sessions could be used if you are preparing for an audition, have an upcoming gig or if you just want to improve your skills in general.